The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart this will build your life by and this you will become.
HPS envisions to be a catalyst in augmenting holistic development and believes that every child is potentially the beacon of divine light and has the capacity to transform society and uplift mankind.

Aiming at the development of mind, body and spirit of each student we accentuate the focus towards :

Empowering the students with the usage of free unshackled thinking to transcend textual dictates to mprove basic skills. ”Perseverance in the pursuit of excellence in education through applied learning.

Treading the path of excellence in every realm that makes a difference scholastic, sports, performing arts and more.

Laying foundation of sound character through all aspects of school life. The school aims to instill in its students true love for learning that leads to development of their intellectual, creative and moral capacities throughout their lives.
HPS facilitates the creation, conceptualization and formation of ideas thereby refining the intrinsic abilities of the child and shaping beautiful minds. We reinvent the child from a mere thinking machine to a sublime human being with a firm footing in its unshakable principles and unassailable words.

The mission of HPS is to provide a platform for ideal integration of intellect, values and talents through education and develop each child to his optimum potential to enable him to make path breaking changes in the social fabric of the world.

We envision an education system that breeds inspiration and innovation and kindles the dormant forces, faculties and talents of the students.