The school has its own fleet of buses. All the buses are fitted with speed governors, GPS & mobile phones. Each bus has a driver & conductor. The routes & timing of the entire fleet of buses are monitored with the help of the Global positioning system installed in the control room within the school Premises.

Transport Facility:
1 Own Buses 13
2 Buses hired on contract basis Nil

Details of transport charges
Category I-(Bahadurgarh City, Balour ,LinePar, Naya gaon, Jharoda, Sankhol,) Rs.650
(Parnala, Sector 6, Sector 9, Tikri) Rs.650
Category II-(Soldha, C.R.P.F., Nuna Majra) Rs.700
Category III -(Najafgarh, Jagratpur, Asaudha, Barahi, Jakhoda) Rs.750
(Dabodha, Gubhana, Majri, Luksar, Gangadwa) Rs.750

Guidelines to Parents:

1. Students availing the school transport are expected to reach the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus.

2. The drivers are authorized to stop the buses at the designated stops only.

3. Buses will not wait for the late comers at the stops and the students are supposed to board the buses immediately after the school is over.

4. The parents are requested not to ask for any change in the bus routes or pick-up / drop points. If however there is a change in their residence, they should make a request to the school authority who may consider their request depending on the feasibility of change in the existing system. Under no circumstances requests for alternate routes or additional stops will be entertained.

5. Parents are expected to reach the Bus-stop well on time in the afternoon otherwise the child would be brought back to the school and parents will have to make their own arrangement to pick up their ward from school.