Student Council 2016-17

"A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.”

Student Council is a platform where students can participate in managing the school activities and can share their thoughts, ideas and creativity in school administration. A student can learn the leadership qualities and cooperative spirit.

Student Council was introduced this year in the school . The main aim to introduce this concept was to make the students aware about valuing their opinion and selecting the best candidate for themselves by voting. Result for the various posts of student council is as under:-

Headboy Nitesh Dalal XII D
Headgirl Divya Yadav XII B
General Secretary (Girl) Nitu Kaushik XII A
General Secretary (Boy) Rajan Kaushik XII B
Cultural Secretary (Girl) Shallu Vashisht XI C
Cultural Secretary (Boy) Aniket Rout XII D
Sports Secretary (Girl) Anjali XII A
Sports Secretary (Boy) Shubham Chikkara XII B
Ecology And Environment Secretary (Girl) Parul Sharma XII A
Ecology And Environment Secretary (Boy) Rohit Yadav XI B
House Captain (Gandhi House-Boy) Satya Narayan X A
House Captain (Gandhi House-Girl) Srishti Dagar X A
House Captain (Subhash House-Boy) Amit Sharma XI C
House Captain (Subhash House-Girl) Niti XI A
House Captain (Patel House-Boy) Rajat XI B
House Captain (Patel House-Girl) Meenakshi XI A
House Captain (Nehru House-Boy) Rahul Mehra XII B
House Captain (Nehru House-Girl) Pooja Rathi XII B